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Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church

Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church

Sun 10 Apr 2011 10:27:50 AM MDT

Dedicated: November 13, 1966 Caldwell, Idaho

The Boone Memorial Presbyterian Pipe Organ was built by Casavant Freres Limited of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, and installed by the Northwest representatives, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Graham of Spokane, Washington.

The new Casavant Pipe Organ is a custom built, versatile instrument, capable of playing music of all periods. The GREAT organ (lower keyboard), visible around the rose window in the front of the sanctuary, is classic in design-bright and very articulate; a perfect vehicle for performing the great renaissance and baroque composers represented in the first half of today's program.

The SWELL organ (upper keyboard), more sombre and expressive, is contained in the chamber to the left. The organ is used predominantly for romantic music of the 19th century, for accompanying and for softer passage work. - Both keyboards, combine for grand climaxes and interesting tone color arrangements.

The PEDAL organ is divided. Most of the pipes are in the chamber to the right, but the choral bass and pedal mixture pipes are located on either side of the Great organ.

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Anthony de Ville: on Mon 21 Feb 2011 07:21:02 PM MST

My first intro to the Pipe Organ was Christmas Eve service in 1980 at St. Michaels, Boise, I was 12 yrs old. Under the skilled Dr. Bratt I first heard a music played so incredibly regal and powerful that I fell in love with the other wordly power and grandiose organ. I have heard many fine organist since "Griff" but none have come close to his ability to play with emotion that made his moderate sized organ sound so majestic. It could be said you could sense the power and depth of Dr.Bratts Spirituallity through his music. Thanks Dr. Bratt your ministry of music made a profound and lasting mark on me


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